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We understand that clients can have many questions about their generator/ heat pump and/or electrical needs and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Below are just a few of the most common questions we get asked. Feel free to email us anytime at or give us a call at 207-975-7779.

How is a standby generator better than portable generator?

A standby generator is fully automatic, meaning that you don't have to go out in the rain or snow to start it and plug it in. You don't have to refuel it with gasoline and a standby generator provides clean power for all of your electronics and appliances.

How long after the power goes out does it take for the standby generator to turn on and power my house?

Once you lose your power, your standby generator engine will start in 3 seconds and transfer and provide power for your house in another 3 seconds. In six seconds total you will be up and running like nothing ever happened!

Will a Kohler Standby generator work if I am not home?

Yes! Your generator will be there and turn on while you may not be! That is why a standby generator is ideal for vacation homes or people who are busy living and don't have time to set up a portable generator each time there is a power outage.

How do I know my generator is working while I am away?

You can stay connected with your generator from anywhere in the world with Kohler's OnCue Plus app, which will let you know when your generator turns on due to power outage or it's regular operation.

Do you install only Kohler Generators?

We have done our research into the quality and reliability of all kinds of generators and feel that Kohler is the best choice to provide our clients with longevity, dependability and quality we strive to achieve.

Do you service any other brands of generators?

Yes! Because of our experience with working on different generators over the years, we feel confident that we can service and troubleshoot other brands of generators as well as the Kohler Standby generators we sell and install.

How do I know what size generator to install for my house?

Generators can vary in size depending on your electrical needs and what appliances you'd like to still be able to use during a power outage. We are happy to discuss the different options with you and find a generator size best suited for your home. Give us a call at 207-975-7779 or fee free to email us at

Can I book your service online?

Yes! You can book your generator maintenance or consultation with us online! Just follow the link at the top of the page!  We're looking to speaking with you!

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