Whether you're at home, traveling or on the go, you'll never have to worry about the power in your home or business. Paired with a standby KOHLER® generator, the OnCue® Plus Generator Management System and App give you peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Get real-time status updates on your KOHLER® generator


View real-time power status and manage your entire system – generator, automatic transfer switch, optional Load Control Module (LCM) and optional Programmable Interface Module (PIM) – from an iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ device, PC or Mac®. With the PIM, automatically turn items such as appliances, outdoor lighting and storm shutters on and off from anywhere in the world where there is broadband internet service and/or cellular phone service. Receive instant generator updates via text or email. Observe, clear/reset and review time-stamped fault code history. Find KOHLER dealer contact information to call or email when service is needed.

OnCue Plus Software and Controller Firmware

Do you already own OnCue Plus? Visit the web at www.kohlergenerators.com/OnCue, create a username and password, enter your activation code and begin monitoring your generator today
Download firmware updates for your controller, if needed

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kohler's proven track record offers an irreplacible piece of mind

Generator information

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​​Why KOHLER generators?

​Not only are KOHLER generators sleek and super quiet in design they have a proven track
record in reliability. Kohler has been making generators for over 90 years! Each generator
engine is commercial grade and very powerful, allowing for a super fast power restoration (within
10 seconds!). Additionally, KOHLER provides a five year or 2000 hr warranty on each generator.

What is the best size generator for my needs?

It depends on which things you need to run with your generator. Or you may decide that instead of having selective items, you may decide to run your whole house on your generator. Click Here for a helpful link to give you an idea of different sizes available.

Can I power more than one house with one generator?

Yes. As long as the houses are in close proximity and the generator is sized accordingly.

Where should I place my generator? 

For safety reasons (setbacks and fire code) we recommend a site survey. Please give us a call at 207-975-7779 for a free estimate and survey.

How long does it take from the time the power goes out to the time the generator turns on?

It takes 10 seconds from the time the power goes out to the time it transfers to the generator.

How loud is the generator?

Kohler sound decibel ratings vary and are comparable to other major brands. Kohler generators have a lower tone which is more tolerable than some other brands which have a high pitched winding sound.

How long will my generator last?

With proper maintenance your generator can certainly last a lifetime. They are warrantied for 2000 hours or 5 years.